Sunday, 29 July 2007

Getting started

Well the first module book has been here a whole week so I guess I should get started. Started on what your thinking?? OPUS Master Class in Stitched Textiles. This is where I have started to head after completing my full City and Guilds course.

I thought I should consider writing a diary but as I am totally bad at keeping a hand written version going I thought I would come here as my main Blog is generally updated weekly. This one will be a little more hit and miss. Posts could come daily or there might a month wait as it will be as I work on the course.

So this is Module 1 all about Process =)
OK Assignment 1 asks for a sketch book to be created which relate to a personnel theme....

Errrmmm .... what shall I select ?
Been thinking about this all week. At first I started with trees or roses or medieval art but these are subjects I have worked on during the C&G course and I would like to move into a different direction. OK so next I looked at what subjects I have not already done to death ...
Mother Earth
Coast Lines
Pattern of landscapes
Discover the Goddess

Coast lines may be harder to research. I am not near the coast and this years holiday takes us off to Trier in Germany.
Researching Mother Earth mysteries could be interesting and would allow me to bring nature back in ....
I quite liked Pattern Of Landscape ...
But Discover the Goddess has my interest right now. It pulls at the Mother Earth idea although feels like it can expand to be larger to look at faith from a different angle.

So there you go ... right now the subject will be "Discover the Goddess"

A while ago I create some ATCs for an exchange which said on them "Discover your inner Goddess" =) Will dig out the photo for the side bar.