Friday, 24 August 2007

Back in the UK =)

Had a ten day holiday in Germany ... Wonderful time. But came back with the possiblity that I might change my personnel study topic !! [More about the holiday in my main Blog]

" What ?? " , your thinking !

Yes, while touring in the Mosel valley I became fasinated with the public art. Now in the UK our cities are very good as putting up statues etc , but in Germany it was everywhere. You stop in a small village/hamlet and find at least 2 or 3 pieces of work !

As the area was mostly Catholic for so long there are many shrines and pieces of work which relates to the church, but then you'll find fountains and modern art work. Some relate to a historical event and some are just there !

I have already started to quite a few pages of my sketch book with either detail or over all drawings of a number of the piece we found. As normal I had my camera with me , so have reference pictures of ALL we found.

I'll put up some images for you soon (still have a little unpacking to get done) .

Now wondering if the sketch book should expand to look at the difference in the public art found in the UK ?? Canary Wharf has published a walk to view all the public art they have which I guess I now need to do soon, before the bad weather sets in.

What do I like about them ?? Well that their there at all, the textures and the design of them.

Well have my first phone tutoral next Thursday, so I guess that these are questions for my tutor.

++++ Update ++++

The slide show below has most of the public art pictures I took during my stay in Germany. Watch out for the name of the place and check how many each place has. ALL were taken mostly in villages and a couple of small towns.

I have started to work on my sketch book of these. Some drawn while we were away, most will be drawn over the next few weeks.

I have started my research and found the The Public Monuments and Sculpture Association and the Cass Sculpture Foundation

Friday, 3 August 2007

A Tutor

Only a quick update. I have heard from my Tutor for Module 1 who is Liz Harding. click to see work by Liz.