Sunday, 10 February 2008

Doors and spiders !

Yes two weeks to catch up on. A weekend at my parent-in-laws limited the output a little but I have been making headway with the doors !

First I have been looking at the dummy and spider shape I have already made. While in London yesterday (went to see Prism 2008 - see my main blog), bought some milliput to give the spider a little more body.

Had a test run creating windows using machine lace and disolveable fabrics. As you can see have not gone very far. Need to look again, as I felt this piece was pulled out of shape too much for the look I was after.

I have been putting a few more sketches for the final item together.

I want to have the dummy with the spider and pins only just spied !! I may add a tape measure or a length of ribbon. I keep thinking about the ribbon coming out between the doors as the lead in for the viewer ?!?!?!

The dummy images take me back to the pin cushions created by Louise B, but I feel the dummy is pointing towards me too. I have a dressmaking back ground, the colourful and fun shape and the ribbon is me !! The spider though is the item which really shows where the starting point has been.

I have made the first same for the doors, all in hand worked hardanger.
I experimented with different thickness thread for the blanket stitched edges.

This morning it went into the Paverpol !

Shame I was not able to have a video camera running. As you would have seen me blowing on the holes to ensure the Paverpol did not fill/close the holes up !! LOL ..

Now just waiting for the drying to finish. I'll use the time to work on the spider and think about the stitches for the door panels.

Update : Been busy this morning !

After finally washing the milliput off my hands I now have more body to my spider =) Now you have to imagine it black !!

Also the door is drying well. Here it is stood up by the window. What is holding it up ?? It is just leaning against a book but it is holding the shape !! Next I need to make one the right size for the dummy I have been making and see if the door will still hold.