Sunday, 18 November 2007

Copper and Cotton

Time to get messy again. Started to look at working with cotton. First perpared the fabric square with a little stitching.
Then added a LONG thread to one corner to allow the fabric to beheld up while the fabric was drying.
Next pulled out the Pacerpol, plastic and a bowl.
Poured a little of the guck into the bowl.
Fabric is pushed and squashed into the paverpol. Making sure everything is soaked but not soaking. They say you can use gloves but you can not get the feel of when the fabric is ready that way. Finally, pulled the fabric out and set up to harden. This is where the fabric in the corner comes in as this can be tied to a pole. Hint: Crabtree & Everlyn garden scrub is great for getting paverpol of your hands.

Also started to investigate if the copper fabric can be stitched ?? And YES it can. You have to watch for the odd threads on the edge catching your thread or your hands. Plus you cannot use a hoop...

The fabric is VERY sheeras you can see where I have made french notes but the linkingthreads can be seen, although this could be an useful effect to use !!
Gathering the fabric works too...Above pulled tight and below not so tight. The fabric creates interesting shapes as the light falls on it !!
Now to wait the Paverpol to dry !!!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Fabric Folds

Been a slow two weeks, what with being ill last weekend and lots of work to get done. I have been doing some stitching , have a look at my main Blog.

I did start to use the quiet times in my working day to to quick sketches of fabric folds. Sitting behide someone gives you a good chance to sketch their clothing. Thus all these sketches are on lined paper as that is what my work note book contains !!!