Saturday, 1 March 2008

More Doors !

More time over the last two weeks to start working on my final piece. The spider as you can see is now black. I am not sure if I will add more colour. I thought about adding metalic either in paint or cream but felt that this could make it look too much like a piece of jewerly. I have toyed with the idea that I add shadows with greys, but may now wait until the doors are made then see how the doors add shadows first.

I have also made progress on the book about Louise. It is concatena style with windows cut into the pages. Now I have coloured both sides , added charcoal drawings and quotes from Louise... as well as my own notes.

The front is yellows and greens, while the back is red, blue and purple. The pages are made from water colour paper and painted in fabric dye.

Now for the doors. I calculated that the doors need to be 4" by 14" !!!
Thus I now have all the materials and have started to make the doors. Mean while been making a few drawings of doors.

As you can see there are two here. A close up of the white one below. I plan each door to be a different colour. Which showed how hard it is to find colours other than white and echu in 8 and 12 cotton. After looking in the library for books on hardanger, I finally ended up in a second hand store with three great books for new patterns.
It has been pointed out that these are a little light around the edge. Thus been also making some samples to improve this ! The idea I like most is below, where two edges has added to , feel this gives a dimensional quality.

I am also considering door furnature. Started while stitching on the train. Above you can see a thread covered bead as a door knob. Also looking at using wire .

Then there is the whole throught round how to join the doors at the end. Wire is coming back as an idea which would work better with the style of the dummy and spider.. Better than the ribbon I had first thought!

I am already forming plans of how this should be displayed. A high pondum which stops the viewer from looking down into the work. Forcing them to look though the windows.

Sunday ~ Update

Been working on the covers for the book. My original cover idea was just not working out then I saw some tisue I had with images of Paris on and an idea formed.

So here it is. I was not planning to add anything more to this... Well not yet. The back contains a copy of my notes from a visit to the V&A. Includes comments from a friend who attended too !

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